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How to make Explorer Report with Oracle Explominer tool

In this topic I will provide detail information how to generate system wide report based on Oracle Explorer Output

In System Administration and Support service work is very often is necessary to find out the root cause
of Solaris OS performance issues or Sun HW firmware revision analyze. To do is necessary to have
explorer output from current investigated system. Explorer package can be downloaded and installed
separate from Oracle Download web site or installed from EIS (Enterprise Installation Service ) DVD media.

The explorer packages is named – SUNWexplo. Install it as required pkgadd -d /cdrom/sun/tools/explorer/ SUNWexplo
Once you installed it – run to collect explorer report:

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Solaris Zones migration with ZFS

Here I will demonstrate how to migrate a Solaris Zone running
on T5220 server to a new T5220 server using ZFS as file system for
this Zone.

Introduction to Solaris Zones
Solaris Zones provide a new isolation primitive for the Solaris OS,
which is secure, flexible, scalable and lightweight. Virtualized OS
services look like different Solaris instances. Together with the
existing Solaris Resource management framework, Solaris Zones forms the
basis of Solaris Containers.

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Oracle Solaris. How-to migrate Data from storage luns in ZPOOL

In this article I will provide solution – How to migrate data between different storage luns in-range one ZFS POOL in Solaris 10.


Let take example – we have next ZFS POOL grid:

root@solaris10 # zpool status grid
pool: grid
state: ONLINE
scrub: none requested

grid ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E40000010Cd0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000111d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000113d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000115d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000117d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E40000053Ed0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000536d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000539d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000547d0 ONLINE 0 0 0
c14t60060E800428E400000028E400000548d0 ONLINE 0 0 0

errors: No known data errors
root@solaris10 #

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