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UNIX Systems Administration & Support | Project Management | UNIX Consultancy


  • Over 16 years of experience in the diverse areas of UNIX Systems Administration, Technical Support, Project Management &Execution and Networking in Telecom industry.
  • Currently working with MTN Nigeria Communications Limited, Lagos, Nigeria as UNIX Systems Consultant.
  • Successful in maintaining focus on achieving bottom-line results while formulating and implementing advanced technology-based business solutions.
  • Techno-savvy administrator with proven success in managing IT in robust, Highly Reliable Organisations and effectively leveraging IT as a tool for achieving high degree of process efficiency & resolving business issues.
  • Adroit in driving projects (at the Business Group level), conducting business analysis to determine requirements, suggesting innovative solutions and facilitating systems implementation at the enterprise scale.
  • Deft in planning & managing entire IT Infrastructure setup which includes assessment of hardware/software requirements, negotiation of purchase & AMC with vendors, and installation & configuration of entire IT infrastructure in line with business requirements.
  • Skilled in analysing training needs of associates and coordinating training for them.
  • An effective communicator with strong leadership, people management and analytical skills. At ease in liaising with clients/ people at any level of business, cutting across organisational hierarchies for achieving smooth project execution.


Strategic Planning & Management Project Management System Administration
IT Consultancy IT Operations Management Network Management
Cluster System Management Business Development Case Management
  • Managing overall operations for executing projects involving scoping, initiating, high level design & architecture, resource mobilisation, execution within cost & time parameters
  • Monitoring IT projects with respect to budgeted cost, demand forecasts, time over-runs to ensure timely execution of projects
  • Analysing business requirements and spearheading initiatives for the establishment of IT infrastructure
  • Ensuring provision of technical consultancy to clients for various IT related operations with maximum uptime.
  • Installing workstations, servers, server administration, network services and peripherals
  • Maintaining the network infrastructure, installation, migration and configuration of network client workstations, manage Local and domain wide groups
  • Designing the Backup Strategy for sites and ensuring scheduled/ unscheduled Backups as per backup plan and restoration
  • Imparting training to end-users in post-implementation phase

Key Result Areas:

  • Accountable for evaluating, installing and maintaining (fixes and upgrades) of software installed on the central servers.
  • Preparing procedures for testing and validating the maintenance (fixes and upgrades) of the system and subsystems.
  • Responsible for customization of the data center software systems such as tape management, job scheduling and output management.
  • Defining technical standards i.e. setting up infrastructure remote sites and Sun EIS installation.
  • Establishing system-scripting software for application report procedures.
  • Handling systems documentation (infrastructure, configuration, etc.).
  • Recognizing the overall system performance trends and problems.
  • Aiding in developing the client service level objectives.
  • Organizing online management application for monitoring system capacity loading.
  • Instituting the performance and capacity thresholds for systems.
  • Strategizing, designing and installing:
    • IT projects for corporate customer’s request
    • Broadband Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
    • Wireless access network inbound the building with Internets Services
    • Proxim Wireless equipment
  • Designing Oracle and Sybase Database Servers for different type of project to store data on external Storages.
  • Managing configuration of Allied Telesyn routers and switches.

Notable Attainments:

  • Effectively provided UNIX Systems support and consultancy 24X7.
  • Deftly managed & maintained SUN Systems and Storages.
  • Proactively diagnosed and solved problems with Sun Solve Top Level Support Service.
  • Successfully automated backup process of Databases servers with Solaris system tools.
  • Proficiently centralized NetWork Based Backup by VERITAS NetBackup Enterprise Server for UNIX, Windows, Oracle DB, Exchange Messaging Server, NetApps and EMC Clarion SAN.
  • Significantly designed project with Business planning for corporate customers.
  • Resourcefully configured and implemented FJS Servers UNIX class.
  • Effectively implemented Wi-Fi Roaming service.


Since Apr’10: MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria as UNIX Systems Consultant

Mar’06-Apr’10: Acetech Trade & Services Ltd., UK as UNIX Systems Support Engineer

Oct’04-Feb’06: Azerbaijan Technologies (AzTech), Azerbaijan, Baku as Chief Project Manager

Mar’00-Jun’03 with Azercell Telecom Ltd. Azerbaijan, Baku as Senio UNIX Systems Engineer

Key Projects:

At MTN Nigeria Communications Limited:

  • Fast Mail Messaging Systems migration from Solaris 9 to Sun Solaris 10u8, ORACLE Sun Cluster 3.3, ZFS, Solaris 9 branded zones, StorageTek 2540 FC.
  • MTN Online ADSL/3,5G/HSDPA DNS Service Project Development and Support (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt). Name Service configured to be HA for all 3 sites between cities and store much of resolving requests in online memory based cache. The DNS servers are on DNSSec based replication mode.
  • ORACLE OpsCenter Management System (Jet Templates, Provisioning, Patching, Zone Management, LDOMS).
  • Sun Security Toolkit implementation for Sun Solaris Systems as required corporate Information Security rules.
  • Sun Live Upgrade from previous system version to the latest Solaris Release (10u9) with EIS DVD Patch bundle installation and kernel patching applying.
  • Sun Management Center, Sun Java Enterprise System, Sun Cluster, Identity Manager, VERITAS Cluster, VERITAS NetBackup, ORACLE RAC, Sun Java System Application Server EE, Sun Java System Directory Server EE.
  • MTN Online Corporate Web Service Project Consultancy for Application Developing and Security Settings. The project has been based on Apache v2.x / MySQL / Perl / OpenSSL / Apache Tomcat + JDBC for Enterprise DB farm (Oracle RAC + MySQL).
  • Customer specified monitoring system based on Nagios + SNMP traps.
  • Transparent Proxy tunneling based on Sock/SSH with back forward remote Management system of UNIX servers for outsource engineers.
  • Mobile version extension for remote Management access to UNIX systems for iPhone/Android smartphones.

At Azerbaijan Technologies (AzTech):

  • Fijutsu Siemens Enterprise level Server Implementation.
  • Wireless Metropolitan Area Network construction for Banking organizations.
  • WAN design and implementation.
  • Network Panning, GPS Vehicle Tracking System Projects.

Other Projects:

  • Development of Real-time like Application Web Servers for Sun Cool Thread systems like Sun Fire T1000/T2000 based on Sun Sparc UltraT1/T2 CPU technologies with divided hardware multi thread mechanism. The last result is response in 0.2 second for total 100 000 request with 500 simultaneously of it. The system is fully 64bit binary based on Sun Solaris 10 OS C language libraries.
  • DNS Bind v9.x x64 bit build binary with multicore and multithread enabled mode for Sun CoolThread T1/T2+ technologies based hardware platform for 3G/HSDPA/ADSL ISP Enterprise Company.
  • Wireless handled based remote management systems of UNIX based server through encrypted tunneled GPRS/UMTS/WCDMA/EDGE/HSDPA enabled GSM networks.
  • Mobile Network Operator independed SMS/GPRS based Vehicle GPS tracking and remote control Management System.


Hardware:                  Sun Fire E15k/E25k, Sun ENTERPRISE Mx000, Sun E350, E2500, Ultra Sparc 10, Fire v120/v210/v215/v240/v245/v440/280r/v480/v40z/Netra 120, T1000/T2000, Sun StorEdge 3310/3510FC/2450/A1000/D240/DAT72/DDS4, Tape Drives and Libraries SL500, Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000, IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, Cisco, Allied Telesyn, Zyxel, Proxim, IBM RS/6000, Fujitsu-Siemens PrimePower and Primergy servers.

Architecture:            Intel, Alpha, Srarc, PaRISC, PowerPC, AMD, Intel Itanium, AMDx64

Languages:                C (UNIX), Shell (UNIX), SQL, HTML, PHP, Perl

Database Systems:   Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Tivoli TSM, Sybase

Operating Systems: LINUX, Solaris, HP-UX 11, Win9x/NT/2000/XP/2003, Novell, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BeOS, QNX, AIX 5L


  • Brainbench Linux Certified Administration in 2002
  • Brainbench Sun Solaris Certified Administration in 2004
  • Fujitsu – Siemens Computers Presale Support Certified Engineer in 2004
  • NetApp Storage Systems Presale Support Certified Engineer in 2004
  • Proxim Certified Broadband Associate in 2005
  • Sun Microsystems ES-338 Sun Cluster 3.1 Administration in 2007
  • Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 OS Certification in 2007
  • Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10 OS Certification in 2007
  • Sun TDC-001 Sparc Entry Level Classroom Based Component + Required Exam (South Africa) in 2008
  • Sun TDC-003 Sparc Mid – Level Classroom Based Component + Required Exam (South Africa) in 2008
  • Sun TDC-004 Storage Entry – Level Classroom Based Component + Required Exam (South Africa) in 2008
  • Sun TDC-006 SPA Mid – Level Storage Disk Field Engineer Accreditation: StorageTek 6140+6540 & Required Exam (South Africa) in 2008
  • (PRT-047X) VERITAS NetBackup 6.5 for UNIX Technical Assessment in 2009
  • (PRT-010X) VERITAS Storage Foundation 5 Technical Assessment for UNIX in 2009


  • Master of Engineering (CAD) from Azerbaijan Technical University in 2003
  • Bachelor of Engineering (CAD) from Azerbaijan Technical University in 2001


Languages Known:     Russian, Azeri, Turkish and English

How to make Explorer Report with Oracle Explominer tool

In this topic I will provide detail information how to generate system wide report based on Oracle Explorer Output

In System Administration and Support service work is very often is necessary to find out the root cause
of Solaris OS performance issues or Sun HW firmware revision analyze. To do is necessary to have
explorer output from current investigated system. Explorer package can be downloaded and installed
separate from Oracle Download web site or installed from EIS (Enterprise Installation Service ) DVD media.

The explorer packages is named – SUNWexplo. Install it as required pkgadd -d /cdrom/sun/tools/explorer/ SUNWexplo
Once you installed it – run to collect explorer report:

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Solaris CPU run query report

Here I would like to provide small awk bases script to collect information about CPU run query statistic report on Sun Solaris OS.


In most Sun Solaris OS (9,10) after installation and put production mode you can detect too much processes are on sleep mode then in run mode. It often generate System Low Performance when Running non-stop online processes like with Database Instances or Java Based Application Servers. At first time when you try to investigate running processes on the systems everything can be looks fine – system can have less than average usage less CPU usage more System Idle percent. You can got this report from vmstat and prstat outputs. Bunt to any case the application part is reporting to slow performance ……

To detect what’s is gong on in real – you can use my script and detect current system status.

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