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How to make Explorer Report with Oracle Explominer tool

In this topic I will provide detail information how to generate system wide report based on Oracle Explorer Output

In System Administration and Support service work is very often is necessary to find out the root cause
of Solaris OS performance issues or Sun HW firmware revision analyze. To do is necessary to have
explorer output from current investigated system. Explorer package can be downloaded and installed
separate from Oracle Download web site or installed from EIS (Enterprise Installation Service ) DVD media.

The explorer packages is named – SUNWexplo. Install it as required pkgadd -d /cdrom/sun/tools/explorer/ SUNWexplo
Once you installed it – run to collect explorer report:

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If You break Sun Enterprise M3000/M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000 Servers Domain

Here I want share information about how to recover Sun Enterprise M3000/M4000/M5000/M8000/M9000 Servers Domain if you break it from Oracle/Sun Solaris 10 OS environment.

“Any word at all is a candidate.

Use words to see the entire dictionary”


This messages you can usually meet whet you trying in panic way to bring system back online ………

Now I will explain what exactly going on in similar scenarios.

This is example of log from XSCF of domain console:

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Solaris CPU run query report

Here I would like to provide small awk bases script to collect information about CPU run query statistic report on Sun Solaris OS.


In most Sun Solaris OS (9,10) after installation and put production mode you can detect too much processes are on sleep mode then in run mode. It often generate System Low Performance when Running non-stop online processes like with Database Instances or Java Based Application Servers. At first time when you try to investigate running processes on the systems everything can be looks fine – system can have less than average usage less CPU usage more System Idle percent. You can got this report from vmstat and prstat outputs. Bunt to any case the application part is reporting to slow performance ……

To detect what’s is gong on in real – you can use my script and detect current system status.

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