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Solaris 10 wanboot installation or Solaris 10 installation over web / HTTP

In this articles I will provide the Solaris 10 Installation mode over HTTP named as WanBoot method for SPARC Systems.

This method is helpful for that systems where is not possible to use Install Server in the same Ethernet Network segment as client location and also not possible to place Boot Server too.

For Example: you have one or several new fresh servers which is located in DMZ Zone or isolated by Firewall and by Enterprise rules there not acceptable to open NFS,TFTP,SSH,RSH,Telnet,FTP services between Install Server and possible new systems, but Administrators agree to open one TCP port – HTTP or HTTPS. Here I will provide only HTTP installation way.

Another possible situation where you can use this method can be when new fresh system located on customer site with Internet access and you just have remote access to this system into ALOM over VPN or direct access though Internet. Therefore you can use your already prepared Installation WanBoot server for this systems.

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