Sun Microsystems Certified Technical Field Engineer Trainings from “Sun TDC of South Africa (Johannesburg-Midrand). Part-2

TDC-003 Sparc Mid – Level servers installation, administration and troubleshooting.

This course include training of the below teams:

Sun Fire™ V890 Server Service Practice

UltraSPARC III/IV Uniboard Handling (F3800, F48X0, F6800, E4900, E6900, F12K, F15K, E20K, E25K)

Sun Fire™E6900/E4900 Systems Service Practice

Sun Fire™ 3800–6800 Servers Dynamic Reconfiguration

Internet Protocol Network Multipathing

Sun Fire™ 3800 – 6800 Servers Service Practice


Sun Blade 1000 / 2000 Supplement Review

Sun Fire™ 280R IES-SM02 Service Practice

InfoServer Document intinfodoc/47086. AUTOMATIC SYSTEM RECOVERY (ASR) – Sun Fire v880

InfoServer Document intsrdb/26846. Recovering a lost Sun Fire[TM] (3800-6800) platform administrator’s password

InfoServer Document fins/I0850-1. Sun Fire 3800/4800/4810/6800 5.13.x firmware issues

Sun Fire™ Midrange System Controller Command References

Sun Fire Supplement

Sun Fire™ V490 Server Parts Installation and Removal Practice


Also you can find ready answers for TDC-003 certification exam in file TDC-003_questions.txt

You can download TDC-002 Web based courses from rapidshare:

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