new release of dns servers for solaris 10 os i386/spac platform



I’m glad to announce that the new DNS server with my custom developing and tuning bug-fixing is finally released for Oracle/Sun Solaris 10 i386 and sparc platform. This application is totally 64bit binary compiled specially for Solaris OS native environment and doesn’t required extra C/C++ library packages as from (GnuCC).

I make 2 Solaris install packages stream files for I386/x64 and sparcv9 platform. All required startup scripts and system files included in this packages. This DNS server already was successfully tested on Enterprise class based ISP system and report high performance in response and stable for DoS attacks.

After download pkg file ,extract if by bzip2 compressor:


# bzip2 –d ./AydayevDNS_2011_sparc.pkg.bz2


You will get AydayevDNS_2011_sparc.pkg file. Now you can install it by Solaris pkgadd command:


# pkgadd -d ./AydayevDNS_2011_i386.pkg

The following packages are available:
  1  AydayevDNS     AydayevDNS 2011
                    (i386) 10

Select package(s) you wish to process (or ‘all’ to process
all packages). (default: all) [?,??,q]:

Processing package instance from
## Installing package in global zone

AydayevDNS 2011(i386) 10
## Processing package information.
## Processing system information.
## Verifying disk space requirements.
## Checking for conflicts with packages already installed.
## Checking for setuid/setgid programs.

Installing AydayevDNS 2011 as

## Installing part 1 of 1.
[ verifying class ]

Installation of was successful.


To start and stop manually DNS server, please use script


# /etc/init.d/bind_dns  { start | stop | status }


After starting DNS server, you can check running status by command:


# /etc/init.d/bind_dns status

version: AydayevDNS 2011 (v10) 64bit version for Solaris 10 AMD64/Intel EM64 Edition
Developed by Eldar Aydayev
UNIX Systems Professional Consultant
Aydayev’s Investment Business Group.
San Francisco, CA. USA
Phone: +1 (650) 206-2624

CPUs found: 4
worker threads: 128
number of zones: 19
debug level: 0
xfers running: 0
xfers deferred: 0
soa queries in progress: 0
query logging is OFF
recursive clients: 0/1999900/2000000
tcp clients: 0/81920
server is up and running


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