Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard vanilla installation to the PC laptop & desktop.

Step 1: Download cdboot.iso and burn it to a DVD double layer disk DVD9 format.
This DVD contain fully original Snow Leopard 10.6 DVD9 with additional Extra kernel extensions
support install into PC Intel Core2Duo based laptops or desktops ( depend from you).


Size             MD5                                                          Filename

209715200 F4B7605FFAB8BC1A3F91260E8B4985AA
209715200 6578565955F260ECC8765273E0C8C04A
209715200 0B8B84C1FCCB24AA6A6FA8B88D7A17EF
209715200 D549CE474A75149428B52FB0BAA320A6
209715200 F8939180031B36A253B45D1954218263
209715200 D5C0DA5A50DD1D6F00FC628937DFBD59
209715200 C588BD285320050FFE00D5A13C5C7309
209715200 07F3599EA3AFCDA93FA30D25A951F853
209715200 D144DEBC390D9AA0836B5596DC09A7BD
209715200 E66231867AD9E430848F1AA9D87E3190
209715200 01230B90037535DC0866D316333DDBC4
209715200 CDBDFD882B9A42FA3A0A744CFAD248E5
209715200 45DD98B01E338960A00E8AAD3644754B
209715200 5182CE441D016C411E34DEB58CB397A1
209715200 7EED505156903ED58C94692DCBB15E2B
209715200 9B32A68A98949BE9403E56C4BB1883AC
209715200 95D0243758A15653C7A2F0872624831D
209715200 BB2D154CEBCB396621DEDF857C7D05C8
209715200 0C394FC4B4BF2C43C3B6566DE6B48C68
209715200 06F0334AD6B9BE4146E3AAF33056F7CF
209715200 DAB2C8AB367519D5677F258DF481CD38
209715200 820C2799C36CF7B6F776F0AF27B7B790
209715200 FB27242FEA7AD1294A265E7BCB3549B0
209715200 62BDF5F993BD73B10C5959A4DB5B7C9C
209715200 22492239C1536F351CA6438549DFFFBC
194099413 658850A87A8F38CB8F85A5481FB67D29

To unpack this 26 files into one DVD9 iso image please use 7zip util:

windows x32bit:
windows x64bit:

Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD: can be installed from own distributive if already doesn’t have in system.

For MD5 cheksum verifying you can use this util for windows:


(Please write to me back – if you don’t know how to do it)

Step 2: Put the burned boot DVD into your dvd-drive and on startup at the splash screen press

“F9” or “F12” or “F11” (depend from your PC) now you will be at the boot selection menu, from here wait till your activity light on your DVD-drive
stops blinking and boot from the disk.

Step 3: Once it’s stopped blinking you will see Chameleon boot menu with chose to “Mac OS X Install DVD”.
Select it if you have also already installed Mac Os X – other volume. Boot the disk
with the boot flags “-v -x” you do this by simply typing -v -x. If you see it at the bottom left corner then
you did it right, just hit enter. The disk will take about 5-10 min to load.

Step 4: Once in the Mac OS X Installer loaded go to “Tools” from the menu bar and choose “Disk Utility.” Once you’ve
gotten into the Disk Utility you have to select your hard drive and click on the partition tab and under the
Volume Scheme choose 1 Partition and click “Options” and choose GPT. From this tab choose “Mac OS
Extended (Journaled)” and name it Macintosh HD (or any other from your chose – it just Volume name) and click apply.

Step 5: Close Disk Utility and go through the Installer. After it begin – press “Command+L” (in PC – ALT+L), it will bring to front
the Installation output log process. Let it stay at front of Installer window – it necessary to freeze installer automatic reboot system after it done.
Once you will see in back window message like “Installation complete, Reboot after 30 second” – open Terminal windows from Tools at menu bar.

Step 6: Now we will install Chameleon EFI boot loader and PC required kernel extension modules to support Mac OS X 10.6 working in you PC as in Mac hardware based computer. Here the "Your Mac OS X" is the name of volume which you given in  Step 4”. In Terminal execute next commands:

For installing boot loader:

/Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/usr/bin/installer -verbose -pkg /SOFT/Post-Install/Chameleon\ 2\ RC3.pkg -target /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"

cp /boot /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/boot

For installing kernel extensions:

cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Extra /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/

cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Local Extensions/EHCISleepEnabler.kext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/KextStore/
cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Local Extensions/SleepEnabler.kext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/KextStore/
cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Local Extensions/VoodooPower.kext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/KextStore/
cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Local Extensions/VoodooSDHC.kext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/KextStore/
cp -r /SOFT/Post-Install/Local Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/Extensions/

chown -R 0:0 /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra
chown -R 0:0 /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/Extensions

cd /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/

rm Extensions.mkext; kextcache -arch i386 -mkext Extensions.mkext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Extra/KextStore

cd /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/Caches/

rm Extensions.mkext; kextcache -arch i386 -mkext Extensions.mkext /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/Extensions

For installing Preferances Panels:

cd /SOFT/Post-Install/PrefPanes/

mkdir /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Backup

mv /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/PreferencePanes/Trackpad.prefPane /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Backup/

cp -r Trackpad.prefPane /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/System/Library/PreferencePanes/

cp -r VoodooHDA.prefPane /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Library/PreferencePanes/


Now install additional packages:

cd /SOFT/Packages/

/Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/usr/bin/installer -pkg DivX for Mac.pkg -target /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"

/Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/usr/bin/installer -pkg ATools_Snow.pkg -target /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"

For Novatel Wireless 3G HSDPA modems install:

/Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/usr/bin/installer -pkg 3G_Drivers_v3.0.2-PS.pkg -target /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"

Installing Skype :

cp -r /SOFT/Applications/ /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Applications/

Installing Google Earth:

cp -r /SOFT/Applications/Google /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Applications/

Installing Opera web browser:

cp -r /SOFT/Applications/ /Volumes/"Your Mac OS X"/Applications/

Your are well done!!! Now close Terminal by "Command+Q" or "Alt+Q" for PC.
In Installer window click "Restart" button.


Step 7: After booting system and finishing first time registration – You should go to the VoodooHDA prefpane in
system preferences and adjust the “Speaker” volume and the Microphone for the mic. After this you
can go to the sound prefpane and select the speaker as your output.


Step 8: Now for update Mac OS X 10.6 upto 10.6.1 load "Mac OS X Install DVD" (cdboot.iso) in DVD and go to /Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/SOFT/Packages/ and double click on to MacOsXUpdate10.6.1.dmg. Go through update process and restart system and you’re in Mac OS X 10.6.1 x32 bit fully running system.



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