How to install solaris 10 x86 on HP Proliant BL460c G6 – part I


Today I will provide necessary information to pre-configuring VMware machine for Solaris 10 x86 on VMware vSphere.

First for all you must install VMware vSphere Data Center Management system and hot it necessary to do you can find in follow resources:



VMware vSphere 4: Private Cloud Computing, Server and Data Center Virtualization


VMware vSphere 4
The best platform for building cloud infrastructures
VMware vSphere™, the industry’s first cloud operating system, leverages the power of virtualization to
transform datacenters into dramatically simplified cloud computing infrastructures and enables IT organizations
to deliver the next generation of flexible and reliable IT services, using internal and external resources, securely
and with low risk.
Key Features and Benefits Summary
VMware vSphere™ is the industry’s first cloud operating system comprising of the following groups of

Infrastructure services –The set of components that comprehensively virtualize server, storage and network
resources, aggregate them and allocate them precisely on demand to applications based on business priority.

Application services – The set of components that provide built-in service level controls to all applications
running on VMware vSphere™, regardless of application type or operating system.

VMware vCenter Server provides a central point of control for virtualization management, essential for administering infrastructure and application services, with deep visibility into every aspect of virtual infrastructure, automation of day to day operational tasks and the scalability to manage large datacenter environments.

Download VMware vSphere

Technical White Papers – VMware

VMware Knowledge Base

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Management of VMware ESXi on HP ProLiant Servers

This paper describes the integration of VMware ESXi with HP System Insight Manager to provide full hardware management capabilities on HP ProLiant Servers. It also describes the hardware information and monitoring features available with VMware vCenter.

VMware View 4 Deployment Guide

This document is a supplement to the View 4 Administration Guide and Upgrade Guide. It covers sample use cases of upgrade, smart card configuration, View configuration with NAS, and end to end monitoring for VMware View PCoIP.

HP Reference Architecture for VMware View 4

The HP VMware Reference Architecture for VMware View 4 provides a proven starting point for reduced implementation risk. It is the result of extensive and rigorous testing in real work environments with real business applications, so that the user experience is guaranteed. Customers just need to follow the “recipe” to deploy a modular and scalable architecture.

Performance Troubleshooting for VMware vSphere 4

Performance problems can arise in any computing environment. In a virtualized computing environment performance problems can arise due to new and often subtle interactions occurring in the shared infrastructure. Uncovering the causes of those problems requires an understanding of the available performance metrics and their relationship to underlying configuration issues.

This document is a guide to performance troubleshooting for vSphere 4, including problems occurring on ESX 4 hosts. It uses a guided approach to lead the reader through the observable manifestations of complex hardware/software interactions in order to identify specific performance problems. For each problem covered, it includes a discussion of the possible root-causes and solutions. Topics covered include performance problems arising from issues in the CPU, memory, storage, and network subsystems, as well as in the VM and ESX host configuration. A forum exists at for comments or questions about this document.



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