How to install Solaris 10 x86 on HP Proliant BL460c G6 – part IV

After success install Solaris 10 x86 64bit we will begin configuring it and Installing "Solaris JumpStart Install Server" for x86pc architecture with DHCP net boot mode support.

This is our example configuration:

IP address of install server:


Default gateway:


1) Lets correct /etc/hosts file

After first boot our “/etc/hosts” file will be contain bellow records:


# Internet host table


::1     localhost       loghost installserver    localhost   loghost installserver


To stopping warning messages in console from sendmail related to domain name we will add hostname with domain name at the end of last record:  localhost   loghost installserver

To determine NIC name in Solaris we well user command:

#dladm show-dev

Output must be like this:

vmxnet3s0    link: up    speed: 10000 Mbps   duplex: full

Now for configuring VMware vmxnet3s0 NIC interface at first we will determine correct connection it to the active Ethernet segment by command:

#snoop -d vmxnet3s0

The output must be like this:

Using device vmxnet3s0 (promiscuous mode) -> installserver_netboot TCP D=22 S=49583 Ack=1094034602 Seq=3622722182 Len=0 Win=16635 Options=

installserver_netboot ->  TCP D=49583 S=22 Push Ack=3622722182 Seq=1094034602 Len=196 Win=49232 Options= -> installserver_netboot TCP D=22 S=49583 Ack=1094034798 Seq=3622722182 Len=0 Win=16586 Options=

to stop press “CTRL+C”.

Now is necessary to configuring first NIC interface (vmxnet3s0), add records to /etc/hosts file:

#echo “   installserver_netboot”>> /etc/hosts

creating “/etc/hostname.vmxnet3s0” file:

#echo “installserver_netboot” >/etc/hostname.vmxnet3s0

creating “/etc/defaultrouter” file:

#echo “” >>/etc/defaultrouter


adding netmask to /etc/netmasks:

#echo “” >>/etc/netmasks


now to bring up network connection is necessary to execute command:

#svcadm restart physical


then check ip configuration by bellow command:

#ifconfig –a


lo0: flags=2001000849 mtu 8232 index 1

        inet netmask ff000000

vmxnet3s0: flags=1000843 mtu 1500 index 2

        inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast

        ether 0:50:56:9f:40:b6

#netstat –nr


Routing Table: IPv4

  Destination           Gateway           Flags  Ref     Use     Interface

——————– ——————– —– —– ———- ———

default                  UG     1     111                  U      1     54       vmxnet3s0               U      1     0        lo0               UH     25    242585   lo0


check the correct configuration by ping command:

#ping is alive


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