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How to organize hidden VPN for Corporate network ?

How to organize a hidden VPN access to Corporate Network ?
The VPN access should be bi-direction type:
Incoming - to get access into Corporate Network from Public Internet.
Outgoing - to get unrestricted Secure internet access from Corporate Network.
It’s very easy to build such kind of VPN system if you know how is organized the Corporate Network environment.
Down here I'm going to show you how to do it on example of one typical network scheme.
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DNS server query graphic report

Dear my Friend, here I will show you how to organize online monitoring system for DNS queries.

Most time in Telecom Domain business is necessary to measuring the DNS traffic and to check the performance of the service: how many queries has been successfully, how many faulty, what kind of queries the customers sending over different time. Also its necessary to check the type of DNS queries for security purpose to restrict free traffic using over dns-tunneling schemes. I will show how to optimize and turn DNS system to be using only for DNS service and send all required query logs to remote SYSLOG server into Corporate network behind Firewall. By default the DNS query log output is not configured in most systems as it required extra storage space, cause the log file can be growing very fast and it depend from DNS service capacity value – the amount of customer which is using it for Internet address resolving.

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NISplus Installation & Administration

NISplus Installation & Administration NISplus is network which allows you to store client information at a

central place where all the clients have access. This enables system

administrators to manage a group of servers from a central place.

This article discusses the nisplus objects , installation of servers ,clients and administration commands.

1.0  Introduction to NIS+

1.1  Objects in NIS+

1.2  Standard tables in NIS+

1.3  Groups in NIS+

2.0  Preparing for Install

2.1  Installing Server

3.0  Installing Client

4.0  Administration commands 


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