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Custom Roles Using RBAC in the Solaris OS

Role Based Access Control (RBAC) started shipping with the Solaris 8 release of Sun Microsystems’ UNIX operating system. It can now be found within the Solaris 8, 9, and 10 releases. Simply defined, RBAC is a security tool to allow any non-root users access to complete tasks, scripts, and so on, with superuser privileges. For example, you have a second-shift operator who has been tasked to reboot some servers. RBAC can be used to set up permissions for the operator to carry out this task, which normally requires superuser authority. This is done simply by first creating a user, or defining an existing user. Next, a role and profile are created, and the profile is assigned to the role. After the profile has been assigned to a valid role, the role is now assigned to the OS user. The profile will have associated with it the task or script that is required to be run.

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NISplus Installation & Administration

NISplus Installation & Administration NISplus is network which allows you to store client information at a

central place where all the clients have access. This enables system

administrators to manage a group of servers from a central place.

This article discusses the nisplus objects , installation of servers ,clients and administration commands.

1.0  Introduction to NIS+

1.1  Objects in NIS+

1.2  Standard tables in NIS+

1.3  Groups in NIS+

2.0  Preparing for Install

2.1  Installing Server

3.0  Installing Client

4.0  Administration commands 


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How to make Explorer Report with Oracle Explominer tool

In this topic I will provide detail information how to generate system wide report based on Oracle Explorer Output

In System Administration and Support service work is very often is necessary to find out the root cause
of Solaris OS performance issues or Sun HW firmware revision analyze. To do is necessary to have
explorer output from current investigated system. Explorer package can be downloaded and installed
separate from Oracle Download web site or installed from EIS (Enterprise Installation Service ) DVD media.

The explorer packages is named – SUNWexplo. Install it as required pkgadd -d /cdrom/sun/tools/explorer/ SUNWexplo
Once you installed it – run to collect explorer report:

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